Fallas de Valencia

Chasing Krista

Every March, Valencia hosts the Festival of Fire that (literally) lights up and heats up the entire city. Traditionally speaking, Las Fallas is a time to honor the Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. The fires associated with this festival are said to welcome to spring and new beginnings. Las Fallas last for five days and each day a different event is held, (basically five days and nights of fiestas) leading up to the final night and finale of Las Fallas which is something NOT to be missed. March 19th is the final night of Las Fallas — the Night of Fire or ‘La Nit de Foc’. This is the night that these enormous creations  (or falles) are destroyed in a HUGE bonfire.


Video coming soooooon 🙂

Until next time Las Fallas

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