Is Pagode different from Samba?

Rio Then


While reading Geografia Carioca do Samba on Google Books, I started to wonder what makes pagode different from samba. Below are two slightly different views.

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Previously seen as a sub-genre of samba, pagode can be considered a sub-product, with essentially commercial interests. Pagode can even be considered a ramification of samba, but not exactly a style of making samba.

Getting directly to the point, pagode isn’t – or shouldn’t be, in my humble opinion – a designation of a musical (sub-)genre. Pagode is a word that comes from centuries ago designating, generally, animated parties by common folk, with music, drinks and food. If you did “hi-fi” when you were young, you were basically promoting a pagode – even if there was no samba, do you see the difference? And it’s with this theme that pagode became popular as a common folk party. A genuine component of…

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