My Ziferblat Experience

Jon Kenna

ziferblat1Back in 2011, Ivan Mitin founded Ziferblat in Moscow as a community of poets aspiring to progress their work. Mitin shaped the idea for his cafes from a project he ran in Russia called “pocket poetry”, for which he would meet strangers in cafes and together they’d write famous poetry on cards and distribute them around the city. The little attic in which they chose to meet developed into a shared place for like-minded individuals.

Today, Ziferblat has grown to over 14 venues around the world. Three of these are in the UK (London, Manchester and Liverpool). Ziferblat is now famous for being the place where all your food and drink is free but you pay 8p for every minute you stay.

Recently I went to the Manchester branch and really liked it. I was curious about the concept and its origins. Here is what Ivan Mitin himself has to say…

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