Street life in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Every city has its own street life and there s no exception with Rio De Janeiro. You can run into street musician or different performances anywhere without looking. Just look where the people stand still or dancing.

You can see circus under the tunnel with different stands that are selling food and drinks.
Sit down to the stairs and enjoy. If you like it remember to support the group after the 20160730_171637.jpgperformance by putting some money to the hat or box. You can run into a group with
showy dresses and costumes who are singing, dancing and playing instruments. The groups are performing Maracatu, a Brazilian performance genre, which is fun to watch.

Rio also has unique nightlife on the streets. For example in Lapa there is party every single day. However, Friday is the main day and on that night Lapa´s streets are full of people dancing, playing music…

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