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The Case Against Dark Matter

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Review: “Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture” by Ytasha L. Womack

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Afrofuturism is relatively new term for me. I’ve long been a fan of Science-Fiction/Fantasy but hadn’t considered the deeper implications of African/Black participation; the writing of ourselves into…

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Device Analyzes Your Breath To Check For Diseases 

ESIST Video via Technion As it stands the smell of your breath can be quite telling about your health, or at least certain aspects of your health. However in the future, it seems that tests for lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease … Continue reading

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Music Theory: Rhythm – Time Signatures

Originally posted on Chord Progression:
After a simple post last week on meter, this week I’ll be covering two related topics: division of the beat and time signatures.  Together with meter, the simple or compound division of the beat as…

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Uncle Ellis’ Christmas Present for the Carnival Babies

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Soca’s favourite winer boy, sorry Machel, has entered the soca arena. We featured the song before on this blog, but yesterday, as a present for the Carnival babies, the video was released on YouTube. A few…

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Night in the City

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and a smoking man on the wall. 201612 @ Manchester, U.K.

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Brazilian samba, 100 years

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: This video says about itself: Brazil’s Samba Turns 100 25 December 2016 The very first samba song was recorded 100 years ago. The genre continues strong, with women artists breaking new ground.…

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Brazil: An Attack on the Poor – Mark Weisbrot. 

Originally posted on TPPA = CRISIS:
Institutions, Rule of Law, and Civil Rights Deteriorate as Government Doubles Down on Failed Economic Policies.? When Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached in May and removed from office in August, many called it a…

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Azymuth’s “Fênix” Rises

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Skiing Through the Largest Glacier in France — TwistedSifter

Sam Favret explores the incredible features of the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) in Chamonix; France’s 7km long, 200m deep glacier. The segment is from Backyards Project, a ski film by PVS Company. Directors : Antoine FRIOUX / Alexis … Continue reading

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