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Sophia Rosemary’s 60s vibes

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I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia from the blog, Sophia Rosemary to take some photos for her.. see her ” With Tangerine coats and Marmalade skies” post here Deciding the look for the day had…

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National Ballet of China – The Peony Pavillion

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100th Anniversary of “Pelo Telefone”: Google Doodle

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Google Doodle is Celebrating 100th Anniversary of “Pelo Telefone” by posting a beautiful Google Logo on its homepage. The first samba ever recorded, Pelo Telefone began dancing its way into Brazilian…

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Portuguese Language Expressions #5

Originally posted on Portuguese with Cassia:
The Portuguese Language Expression of the week is “Antes tarde do que nunca”, which in English is translated just as the proverb, “Better late than never”. Since this is a very used expression in…

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The Weird Jabuticaba Tree.

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The world is full of bizarre wonders, from flowers that look utterly alien to otherworldly landscapes and terrifying deep-sea creatures that seem to have sprung straight from your nightmares. This particular tree might…

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Alan Turing

Originally posted on VOICES:
What does a suicide have to do with ENIGMA’s code-cracker? In both cases the name Alan Turing appears. So let’s go to London in 1912, where everything began. Born 23rd of June 1912, he was born in Maida…

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A radical explanation about visiting other universes — ESIST

Video via Tech Insider There are many different ways a multiverse might exist. Columbia University physicist and leading string field theorist Brian Greene explains how we might visit another universe. Greene is the co-founder of the World Science Festival, which … Continue reading

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Forget the gross factor: There are serious health reasons for why you shouldn’t pick your nose

ESIST Video Via Business Insider —Join our fans by liking us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, Google+, feedly, flipboard and Instagram.Check out our Flipboard magazine ESIST  If you enjoy reading our posts. All of our handpicked articles will be delivered to the flipboard magazine every day.Original article on By Delano SamuelsandJessica … Continue reading

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