Flat Iron vs Featherblade: Is it OK to rip off another restaurant’s idea?

Hang the Cliché

Flat Iron is more than just a steak restaurant. It’s a very specific type of steak restaurant, serving one very specific type of steak prepared and served in a very specific way. In London, it’s quite unique in offering a mouthwatering ‘flat iron’ steak (a tasty yet inexpensive cut of meat also known as ‘feather blade’) at a single, affordable price – £10. And that’s probably why every Londoner seems to agree Flat Iron restaurants are the bee’s knees, and why it’s so tricky to get a table in them.

Every detail of the Flat Iron experience has been meticulously thought out, and presented with care and creativity. From the simplicity of its no-nonsense menu to the mini meat cleavers where you might expect a steak knife, bowls of free popcorn on arrival and ubiquitous blue-and-white Falcon enamelware pie dishes overflowing with old-fashioned chips lovingly browned in beef dripping.


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