Sea Glass!

Chris Joyce

I was a bottle of beer!

My glass;

Stained green with envy,

For the sparkling bodies of others.

My long neck,

Marred by the fingerprints,

Of half-forgotten lovers.

I was sipped,

But never finished.


But never healed

When a fickle lady,

Brought me to the sea.

We sat upon the sharpened rocks,

As she drank deep from me.

She drained me dry,

Drop by drop.

Until I was no more.

She cursed my sour taste;

And stale scent.

Roared of my bitter kiss,

And thin froth.

Then she hurled my fragile body,

Down into the sea.

Borne of foam and fury,

Galloping horses crashed upon me;

And shattered every limb.

Until I was a slave,

To the ocean’s dark whims.

My body was broken;

Skin scarred and slashed.

Over time,

The waves cleansed my mind.

As I fumbled,

And tumbled,

Through that sapphire realm.

Until my edges dulled and…

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