Rainy City Loves Christmas Lights

Rainy City Kids

Nothing quite gets you in the mood for Christmas like a festive light switch-on. The main Manchester Christmas Lights event is being held today (4 November, 7.30pm) in Albert Square and kicks off a bevy of Christmas activities. It’s hosted by Key 103’s Mike Toolan, Brooke Vincent and Paddy McGuinness, and features performances from Louisa Johnson, JP Cooper, M.O., Cold Feet’s John Thomson, and the cast of Billy Elliot; and I’m sure it will be cracking good fun. But don’t worry if you haven’t got yourself organised, there are plenty of other switch-ons dotted round the ‘burbs and a little further afield.

Mossley Light Festival (26 November from 6.30pm) looks like it’s going to be fantastic. An amalgamation of lantern parade, music festival and Christmas light switch-on, with a serious contribution from the local community. Oh yes and there will be an appearance from you know who…

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