The Extreme Male Brain

ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Baron-Cohen and colleagues hypothesized that high levels of fetal testosterone, a hormone that drives the development of male physical and cognitive characteristics, were involved. 15After all, the differentiation of male vs. female begins at conception and continues through prenatal development and beyond. Could a high dose of fetal testosterone explain the “very male” cognitive and emotional profile of people with ASD, as well as the fact that so many more males have ASD compared with females?”

Auyeung, B., Baron-Cohen, S., Ashwin, E., Knickmeyer, R., Taylor, K., & Hackett, G. (2009). Fetal testosterone and autistic traits. British Journal of Psychology, 100, 1-22.

“The extreme male brain theory… huge catalog of knowledge on a particular subject, like insects, astronomy, or history — a subject that is endlessly thought about, talked about, and expanded upon. Routine would be one form of system, and disruptions…

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