The Amazon Part Three: My Anaconda don’t want none…

Existential Musings of a Mad Woman

20150912_094407 Hoping this anaconda don’t want none…

There are moments in the jungle where time does not seem to exist. The sun, a jealous lover, seeks to find a stray foot or arm outstretched from a colourful hammock so that it may bite and burn while we consume the stillness around us. It entices us by casting shimmering rays to catch the crest of two silver dolphins as they break the surface of the black water, forcing us into motion to ooh and aah at the sunlight bouncing off their slick skin. The wind, more than a gentle breeze, picks up a few fallen leaves and lays them horizontally in the sky before dropping then disinterestedly as a few small yellow birds stay grounded to watch the display.

We are lazy and content, lulled by the gentle sway of the hammocks when Mateus asks us if we would like to see…

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