Schotch Bob


scotchbob1He was a large man with a red face, round and jolly, eyes sparkling and smiling and a crisps, grey beard.
The carving of SCOTCH BOB was created by Andy Burgess, a local wood sculptor, from an oak trunk 3.5.metres hogh and 1 metre wide.
The sculpture took four days to complete using a variety of carving techniques with chainsaws and other power tools.
It seemed fittting for the carving to be located near the bus stop due to Scotch Bob’s association with the driving of public transport in and around CHEADLE VILLAGE.
James Telford, known as ‘Scotch Bob’, came to Cheadle from DUMFRIESSHIRE in 1871.
By 1879 he was driving thr red horse-drawn buses of the Manchester Carriage Company, a job he proudly held for over 35 years.
In 1908 he set a british record for driving over 60,000 miles on the route between Manchester and Cheadle. He sometimes…

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