Interview: A Vegetarian In Brazil

The Flipside Journal

Brazil is fifth in the world for beef consumption per capita. Here I interview one of my close friends about his experience being a vegetarian in such a meat focused culture.

Flipside: So Tom, how long have you been Vegetarian?

Tom: 6 years now

Flipside: And what made you make the change?

Tom: Actually it was a process. I never felt comfortable with the idea of having an animal on my plate. I realized that (around 14 years old.) but I aways tried not to think much about it, you know? It was easier.

So I moved to Canada and besides the meat was too expensive over there, I was living with 2 vegetarian girls who showed me it was totally possible to cook and have a great meal without meat 😊. It was really important but not enough [to convert me] yet. In the break between classes…

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