Carnival Designer Apologizes for Insensitivity to Trinidad’s Colonial Trauma

Repeating Islands


Janine Mendes-Franco (Global Voices) writes “Carnival Designer Apologises for Insensitivity to Trinidad’s Colonial Trauma, But Was It Enough?” She discusses the recent controversy in response to Brian Mac Farlane’s “Cazabon—The Art of Living.” The designer has said that, by invoking Cazabon in the title of his work, he wished to “help protect and preserve our heritage spaces the best way I knew how – through art, by interpreting the story of that time.” On the one hand, he has been accused of being racist or insensitive to the traumas of colonial history, and, on the other hand, Cazabon’s descendants were concerned that the negative reception of Mac Farlane’s interpretation of the artist’s themes could have an adverse effect on Cazabon’s reputation.Here is a short segment of the article as a follow-up to our previous post “Trinidadian Carnival: MacFarlane Channels Cazabon (or does he?)”:

Trinidad and Tobago carnival designer…

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