Terra Preta

Ancient American Explorer Magazine

  Planting techniques have differed over the years throughout the world. Depending on climate and regions,people use different techniques to yield the best fruits and vegetables. Cultures may often be faced with destroying land in order to produce more for their families or communities.Native Americans have used a technique called “slash and burn” for centuries. Now in many places the same technique is being compared to deforestation.In many countries this process is considered as illegal but that doesn’t stop the farmers from using this method that has been passed down from generations.This process  destroys the land but offers a few good years of great agriculture.In combination with erosion, slash-and-burn agriculture has a dramatic effect on coastal ecosystems, as sedimentation results in the death of corals, because sunlight is being blocked from penetrating the water (Vincke). This process not only makes land useless but also has an impact on the microorganisms…

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