Kilo Restaurants of Brazil

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Every country has few unique things or phenomenon. Kilo restaurants in Brazil is surely one such thing. While Brazil is a huge country almost three times the size of India, but these restaurants are omnipresent.

What is a Kilo Restaurant?

Kilo restaurant is a place where there is a self-serve buffet and one pays as per the weight of the food placed in the plate. The price per kg or per 100g is clearly advertised in the shop in case one wants to compare different outlet serving kilo fare.

How does one eat here?

Well simply pick a plate and place various food items in desired quantities in your plate. Then you go to the person managing the weighing scale and get your portion weighed. They give you a receipt detailing the weight & cost of the food that you have taken. That’s the SOP.


What is served in Kilo…

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