Episode 6 – Migrations (w/ Abi Hynes)

It’s the sixth episode of The Paperchain Podcast, and we move out of the studio to a very strange hotel that hates breakfast to chat with Abi Hynes, a Manchester based poet, writer, and playwright. We chat about how to know when something is a play, or a story; working with actors; and Abi’s terrible writing. We also get a bit cliquey and briefly mention a few people (Ben, and Rob) who were in our writing group together, and who are both excellent writers too (Rob runs the brilliant End of All Things podcast). Finally, Abi does something no other guest on the podcast has done so far, and I attempt to edit it all smoothly together (spoiler: one of these things doesn’t happen).

The cast of My Horse is a Showjumper are:

Debbie is played by Laura Danielle Sharp (@misslds)

Ellie is played by Jenny May Morgan (

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