Claudio Coutinho Hiking Trail, Rio De Janeiro

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While every tourist, local or international coming into Rio visits Christ the Redeemer & Sugarloaf mountain, there are enough off the beaten track attractions & activities to indulge in.  Claudio Coutinho Hiking Trail is one such attraction that can either be done along with Sugarloaf mountain or on its own.

How to Get There

Where ever you are staying in Rio, just catch the bus heading to Avenida Pasteur. It will drop you close to the trail head.  If you are staying at or near Copacabana as most of the tourists do, then take bus no. 581.The trail starts from close to Sugarloaf Mountain Cable car station.  It is well marked and is hard to miss.

img_6006 Trail starts from left corner of this building

 What to Do & See

As we started on the trail, the ascent was quite steep. After a moment of circumspection we chose to carry…

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