How the Word We Choose to Describe Something Affects Not Only How We See Things, but also, How Things are Made?

Elementary, my dear Architect.

So, today I was scrolling down through my feed, then something caught my eye, it was a post from a magazine written in portuguese that I’ll freely translate, starts saying – Compact House of 180m² – I got stucked in this moment, looking hypnotized to the screen, a bit astonished because someone got the guts to call a thing of one hundred and eighty square meters COMPACT. It was a shock, really. I mean, let’s recall the definition of the word compact, according to Cambridge dictionary, the adjective meaning is:

consisting of parts that are positioned together closely or in a tidy way, using very little space: 

What a compact office! How did you fit so much into so little space?

As you can see, the choice of words was very wise, once you say compact (and not small) what you actually mean is that there are a lot of things stuffed into a place…

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