Reflections As I Rip.


For the last two days I have mostly been covering the puppets in a variety of printed materials reflecting each of the 5 themes of Astor Alive.


Imigrant Populations

Radical Politics

Theatre for All


Scholars, thinkers and writers

All the images used in the surfacing have come from suggestions in workshops, group Pinterest page and Internet searching in workshops.

The thing that strikes me most about this week of workshops is the constant flow of capable adult volunteers. It’s community arts without a pre-schooler in sight.

Workshops have an age 10 plus guidance. WHY? To ensure the work is taken seriously, to ensure four year olds are not dropped off to be entertained as parents chat and to enable the adherence to complex themes, suggestions and aesthetics.

Puppets for Astor Alive have been made from domestic materials. cardboard, paper and glue but the integrity of the way the design…

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