Paranagua and Ilha do Mel


Paranagua means “big round sea” in the Tupi-Guarani language.  The city was founded around 1550 on one of the coastal islands and later spread onto the mainland.  The city preserves many of the oldest colonial remnants in Parana State.

Many people merely use the city as a convenient departure point for the tourist island of Ilha do Mel.
The Historic Center of the city consists of about fifteen blocks.  The structures in this center range from fully restored to just being kept standing.  Some of the former houses of notables have been restored and now serve other purposes.

The train station is one of those structures in sad need of repairs.  The main city park with its gazebo was packed with people when I was there.  The church was the first building to have been built in Paranagua in 1571 and was the central landmark of the town.  This church/cathedral…

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