A Tale of Two Cities: Manchester & Liverpool

Going Clockwise

Among boaters, these two great cities of the North West share one common perception. They are unpleasant, dirty, and occasionally dangerous places to be. On our way to visit both, people were almost falling over one another to let us know that they would never, ever boat through either.

This unsavoury reputation isn’t helped by the stern warnings you get about each one. For Manchester, it’s the strong recommendation to start early to take on both the Ashton Canal and the Rochdale Nine. With Liverpool, it’s the advice to call local CRT staff and ask where it is safe to moor (or more importantly, where it isn’t).

First things first – at some point these reputations were probably deserved, but the negative perception is no longer wholly justified. There’s still a need for caution, and the subterranean locks in Manchester were one of the few places we’ve felt concerned about…

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