Kubo & the two strings

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Thanks to the school year, I was able to pop into my local cinema for an empty-theater-screening of LAIKA’s newest feature: Kubo and the Two Strings. I’m already a huge fan of LAIKA’s work, and animation (particularly stop-motion–I grew up with Wallace and Gromit), so this was a real Friday treat.

Without giving it all away, the story follows Kubo (voiced by Art Parkinson–the Stark who doesn’t know how to run serpentine) as he cares for his mother (Charlize Theron) suffering from short-term memory loss. A routine is implied as he clears up the debris from her nightmares, feeds her, and readies her for a day of lethargic sitting while he regales the local town  with stories created by origami paper and his magical shamisen. His mother has polarized moments of clarity: in some she narrates exciting tales about his samurai father, and in others, implores him not to stay out after dark…

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