A monotonous crawlin’ back: the white head girl of Didsbury

Katalepsis Train


Back to the Manchester time, again. It’s been a few months, I got used to the job of potwasher and I’m sticking around. Must be something like January or February, my hair is growing as much as my beard, I’m getting stouter because of carrying dishes back and forth. Now I can easily pass through miserable jokes and lack of respect, and since my mood is easy going more people are getting nicer as well. So, one of these neverending evening (the potwasher works from 5:00-6:00until 12:30-01:00 non stop) while carrying a rack of glasses, a girl approaches me, probably taking me as a waiter. She has got white hair, scarlet lips, light eyes and dressed mainly in black, gown a tights, like a japanese student, a bag on her back. She asks me “DFAF AFSHFAJHDSJFAJ BATHROOM?”
“Sorry, say again” I reply.
She repeats her question, but I still don’t…

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