Most cities too hot to host the summer Olympics by 2085, says study

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BERKELEY, California (REUTERS) – In 70 years, most cities in the Northern Hemisphere will be unfit to host the summer Olympics due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, according to a medical journal’s findings published this week.

“Our study using climate change projection shows that there will be very few cities at the end of the century that will be able to hold the summer Olympics as we know them today,” said John Balmes, a professor of public safety at the University of California, Berkeley, who co-authored the paper.

The findings, which originally appeared in the The Lancet, indicate that by 2085, only eight Northern Hemisphere cities outside of Western Europe are likely to be cool enough to host the summer Games.

San Francisco would be one of just three North American cities that could serve as hosts.

The researchers used projections for the wetbulb globe…

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