Parklife. Manchester or Manhattan

manchattan skyline

New York is famous for Central Park but manchester has some pretty cool parks too.

Central Park was the first urban landscaped park in the USA and after years of debate over the park’s location, work finally began in 1857. Some 1600 people (some legitimate tenants, others squatters) were evicted from the 840 acres  of rocky and swampy terrain, allocated for the park. Also lost to the development was a convent, a bone-boiling plant, a school and three churches.

Early on in the park’s history it was clear who the park was built for. It was too far uptown for the working classes to walk to and so became a playground for the wealthy.

By the 1960s and 70s, the park had fallen into decline, as cleaning, planting and maintenance fell by the wayside. Luckily in the 1980s,  there was an initiative to involve New Yorkers in the upkeep of their…

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