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Manchester 2016 : Day 2

Originally posted on Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook:
By now you know the drill.. start with an early morning sketch before the start of workshops. On the left, the early sketch gang, on the right, the early bird correspondents.…

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Usain Bolt Hits The Ground Running

Originally posted on The Sports Of India:
Jamaican Sprint superstar and the World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, arrived at Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday ahead of the Olympics to hit the ground running in pursuit of the record for an unprecedented triple…

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Try our Somos Brasil app

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Bird-brained Hunting Partner — Bad Beekeeping Blog

Scientists may have proven that African Honeyguide birds “communicate” with their human partners. You have probably already heard about this, as it’s been reported this week in Zaire’s Times, the New York Times, The New Yorker, and fine papers everywhere. … Continue reading

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Good news about a new antibiotic

Originally posted on The curious incident of DD on the Web:
I don’t write about science and medicine enough here, which is a pity, but I do want to emphasize the promise this new discovery carries. For a long time,…

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Manchester Art Gallery

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Aroma Wheel of Urban environments

Originally posted on my 2 cents on design:
Well here is a great piece of research! A not-so-shy group, surveyed and categorized city smells – here is the result:

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The Messages From Brazil’s Streets

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Originally posted on The Cosmotropics:
I must admit that I didn’t hang around many demonstrations (or protest-events of any political inclination) when I lived in Brazil, from January to June of this year. And there were enough to spare, many organized…

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Tales From Rio: Treasures of an Afternoon Walk

Originally posted on Thoughts and Impressions:
Going to keep this one short, text-wise, since it’s really the pictures I wanted to share. This past weekend, I had some free time that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with, so…

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