King of Murals

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Murals are, in my opinion, very impressive. All art is, of course, but envisioning and correctly proportioning art on the side of a building is a skill that would make any artist green with envy. Which makes Eduardo Kobra, Brazilian artist, a rare breed. Not only can this dude create said massive murals, he does it in solid shapes of colors.

Kobra takes famous photographs, people, and landmarks, and while still maintaining realism, turns these well known images into a one of a kind rainbow. It’s like looking at them through a kaleidoscope.

And not only does Kobra create this unique style of art on his own; he does it across the side of buildings. I might not be an expert on murals, but I think it’s safe to say this guy is pretty unique.

This is his official website- and for those lucky people who decided to take Spanish…

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