Did you know that Jupiter doesn’t orbit the Sun?


Jupiter is so big that it doesn’t orbit the sun, rather it orbits just off the sun’s serfice.
At more than 300 times the size of Earth, Jupiter has a unique orbit around a point just beyond the Sun’s surface, rather than in the center of the star itself.
Because of the planet’s massive size the gravity causes the sun to revolve around this off-center mark as well, forcing the star to “wobble.” Now I am not cool enough to figure out this thing but NASA can.
The planets and the sun all orbit around a center of mass, known as the ‘barycenter,’ Nasa explains.

Gravity pulls the objects toward each other, but size determines where this center of mass will fall.

Earth is small enough that the center of mass between it and the Sun is almost at the very center of the Sun, and this can be seen…

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