candice nembhard

by Candice Nembhard

There is something to be said for the recent solidarity protests in London, Birmingham and Manchester as organised by the Black Lives Matter movement. Never have I seen such a positive, unionised display of blackness that has caught the eye of not only the media, but also the average citizen. As more articles are released, I am becoming more intrigued by the role that social media has played in galvanising mass movement, and implementing revolutionary politics that will leave behind a long lasting message for people of colour to come. My experience in the UK regarding institutional violence against people of colour was that the baton was always passed to our stateside counterparts. It is not difficult to see why, when sites such as Twitter and Tumblr opened us up to the lives of Trayvon Martin, Ayesha Jones, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland — long before it…

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One Response to THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED — The Norwich Radical

  1. ebolainfo says:

    I am reluctant to criticise the BLM movement as people want to improve things even if their sponsors have negatve motives. However why don’t the BLM movement extend their concerns to South Sudan, Ethiopia, Oromo, Uganda, Brazil? Or is BLM only within the western countries?
    In the US, why don’t BLM also focus on gang crimes, expose the protectors and sponsors of gang crimes – drug money – which leads posibly to police departments. federal agencies and banks.


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