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Myth and reality of absinthe

Originally posted on Alcohol and Drugs History Society:
In early 1900s, France consumed over 36 million liters of absinthe yearly.

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King of Murals

Originally posted on Only Just Beginning:
Murals are, in my opinion, very impressive. All art is, of course, but envisioning and correctly proportioning art on the side of a building is a skill that would make any artist green with envy.…

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Urban Wildlife

A leopard on the prowl in the 13th arrondissement and another nearby in more playful mood.     Both are the work of Mosco (or Mosko) and associates, urban artists who specialise in bringi… Source: Urban Wildlife

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Lisbon’s Spectacular Street Art

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How Altruism Might Have Evolved

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Meet the nudibranch: Seven reasons these ‘naked’ gastropods are more than pretty faces

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Mural by Natalia Rak in old town Malmö

Originally posted on From My Horizon:
? I came across this mural painted by Natalia Rak in the western part of old Malmö. In Borås there is a magnificent mural by her as well which I photographed while living there.…

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Did you know that Jupiter doesn’t orbit the Sun?

Originally posted on tylershepard1991:
Jupiter is so big that it doesn’t orbit the sun, rather it orbits just off the sun’s serfice. At more than 300 times the size of Earth, Jupiter has a unique orbit around a point just…

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Valencia: Where arson is legal and alcohol is cheap

Originally posted on Journeys with Jenna:
Las Fallas– a rather intricate Valencian tradition that capitalizes on art, satire, and an overall feeling of togetherness. In theory, a festival such as this sounds fun, enlightening, and educational. However, when you are…

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Self Replicating Proteins May a Clue To Life Origins

Originally posted on The Wisdom Of Life:
The proteins in our body must not only be the right configuration, but the right shape. Prions are misfolded proteins that are also self replicating which can cause biological systems to malfunction such…

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