Gardening isn’t a bed of roses.


It’s more work than I realised. Thankfully people have been helping out.


We thought we might have to get rid of the soil as it was full of nettle root, but after closer inspection we decided we could save it, which meant hand sieving it all, (a looong process) but a good idea as the soil seems to be very good, especially when mixed with compost and fertiloiserrr (Wurzel pronunciation).

The new beds are in and gradually being filled. Half of them have veg in now and the others should be filled in the next week or so, hopefully with the help of a local community group.

In the meantime, David’s been cleaning up the rose beds at the front of church and adding gravel to help the soil retain some moisture and keep the weeds away.

Rose Garden2

David also used some of the garden produce at a barbeque at the…

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