One Year in Brazil: Roses and Thorns


It’s hard to believe, but on the third of September 2015 we completed one year of living in Brazil!  It’s been quite a year, full of change and challenges, but it’s been good.  I think we’ve all adapted quite well and are feeling settled.

As a celebration and reflection on our first year here, I’m going to give you my list of roses(the good things) and thorns(the not so good things) of living in Brazil.

courtesy of Google images


  • Fresh produce: we go to a wonderful market in our neighbourhood twice a week.  Most of the fruits and veg are one price.  We fill up a crate and weigh it – it’s usually no more than $20!  The people that work there are very friendly and know the kids by name.  One vendor always gives Shasta a free cookie.  It’s so nice knowing that this food came from our state, rather than another country.  It gets to stay on the…

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