Note to SNL: Know your language(s)!

แสง สี เสียง: Light, Color and Sound

Hey, I love Saturday Night Live, but I expect them to do their homework, if they want to play en Las Grandes Ligas.  CNN does, BBC does, as does Al-J (no comment on Fox).  So here’s a quick lesson on Brazilian Portuguese: ‘D’ followed by ‘I’ is pronounced like ‘J’.  Got it?  So ‘Dilma’ is pronounced like ‘Jilma’, Myra Rudolph’s comely affectations notwithstanding.  And if you want to get into it further, then that ‘L’ is pretty much chewed up and swallowed whole, so more like a ‘W’, okay?  Think ‘Jiwma’.  Like when the taxi driver in Manaos repeated after I booked him to the Hotel Continental: “Continentowww… Are we good now?  Party on, dudes…

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