How Far Will You Go For the Made In Britain Cause?

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Earlier this year I was looking for British manufactured ‘Made in the UK’ and washcare labels for my garments. It’s not simply a case of finding the ones you like and buying them. Because ironically some of them are simply not. I’ve had to send out inquiries because some products I like aren’t transparent about their place of origin. And you can never be too careful.

As a local designer who likes to hold a torch up for UK manufacturing I feel it is my duty to source British made base products whenever I can without pricing myself out of the industry. I like to be transparent about the way I work.


Primarily I know I let myself down on my fabrics which I buy largely as end of roll stock from a third party who sources from Midlands based garment manufacturers. Some of these fabrics are UK made but…

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One Response to How Far Will You Go For the Made In Britain Cause?

  1. neffy93 says:

    My mother was talking about this the other day how the high price of British made cloth makes it difficult to stick to when making home furnishings if profits are going to be made. She was saying that she just hopes more and more people will start to make their own fabrics so that the cost comes down as supply and competition increases. A woman of her word she is now looking into buying a loom and not just designing but hand weaving her own fabrics. I’m fascinated that she is going to these length to assure herself that she is buying British but I love that she is even attempting this and definitely putting her money and her efforts where her ethics lie.

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