Brazil – Rio Carnival 2016 Street Parties

Boundless Voyages

The party kicks off as soon as we land in Brazil. Carnival Street Parties in Rio De Janeiro are nothing to be taken lightly, and they are every bit of enthusiasm and craziness that they are known to be. The whole city takes to the streets in all manner of costume, make-up, and outfit. Parades snake their way through narrow streets non-stop through out the day. Rio De Janeiro becomes a non-stop party for about two weeks. No matter what day or what time it is, there will be a parade and party happening somewhere in the city. You will be completely out of place if you do not have some sort of costume get-up or a beer in your hand. In fact its recommended that when you head out to the street parties, you take along some beers and a pillow so that you can keep partying through the night…

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