Eleven Minutes- Paulo Coelho

The Armchair Explorer

The first country on my reading trip around the world is Brazil.

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author, most famous for his allegorical short novel The Alchemist. I have read that book previously, and found the writing style fascinating. The simplicity initially irritated me. ‘I could write this’ I thought, which is always a thought that irritates me if it is about a best-selling book, and I have not in fact written a best-seller myself. But then as the story progressed I found the cadence soothing, and the interspersed references to multiple different religious stories and philosophies to be intriguing. It has now been translated into 67 languages, and is one of the all time best selling books.

I saw Eleven Minutes at a second hand book sale, and it was soon mine for the minuscule price of $2.

As he says in the dedication at the front, this novel…

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