Winners and Losers: Brazil’s convenience store battle

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Brazil is notoriously difficult for business, as I mentioned on many of my previous posts. And yet some brands still manage to grow and be successful there while others fail dismally.

The case of 7-Eleven vs. AM/PM

7-Eleven is one of the most successful convenience store chain worldwide – from North America to Asia and Europe.

But its story in Brazil wasn’t a successful one. The chain opened in Brazil in the early 1990’s, reached 17 stores in Sao Paulo and closed its operations after less than ten years.

An article published on news portal Exame in 2002 says its exit was because of intense competition. Also convenience stores had to change their business model and today are only found attached to petrol stations.

However, I think there were other reasons: some might say that economic moment wasn’t good in Brazil – it was before the country’s economic growth – but I think…

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