Piccadilly Garden’s Reggae Kid

Manchester Observations

So there’s this kid who sings Bob Marley songs by Piccadilly Garden and it’ such a joy to watch. I haven’t actually asked his age but he looks about sixteen, is skinny, white and has the most beautiful, soulful voice. His band comprises himself singing and playing bass guitar, on old man in a parker coat blowing the trumpet, a Caribbean looking guy with dreads shaking a maraca, an electrical guitarist and a drummer. They look such an unlikely bunch… so wonderfully eclectic. And their feel-good music brings together people on the street from all walks of life. Honestly, Piccadilly Gardens is embarrassingly shabby considering its centrality and staggering footfall.. However, this reggae singer and his band do a first class job of injecting the place with spirit.

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  1. Emma says:

    The band are called Ruff Trade and the CD is currently available to purchase at http://www.rufftradereggae.com

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