“Spontaneous Street Life in Rocinha”

The City at Eye Level

An article written by Renee Nycolaas and Marat Troina, both researchers and urban planners in Rio de Janeiro. Since the 1940’s, the city of Rio de Janeiro has become known worldwide as the ‘Marvellous City’, when the carnival’s song with the same name was released. The music about ‘that place that would seduce everybody’ did not only refer to the beaches and mountains, but also to the street life. In those times, urban life took place by foot or tram in streets with hierarchically distributed commercial activities, generating unexpected meetings of people. Rio’s lively streets made Brazil’s capital so charming.

“While street life in the planned city is losing is vitality, Rocinha representsthe opposite direction.(…) Informal occupations by the low-income, working class quickly transformed the former rural area into a dense urban core on a steep hill.”

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Rotina na Rocinha (1)
Street in Rocinha

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