Carnaval in Encarnacion

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I’d always thought that Carnaval was something that only happened in Rio de Janeiro but it seems it’s celebrated all across South America. I’m not sure if Carnaval celebrations predate the colonial invasions but with christianity they became a way to get all your sinning out of the way before the Catholic abstinence of Lent. There is an obvious African influence in the essence and rhythms brought by the many slaves and everywhere has developed its own regional flavour. I’d wanted to go to Rio for it but Brazil is just not going to fit into this trip so I did some research about the other best places to spend Carnaval. Encarnacion Paraguay came up in the top five and since we happen to be in Paraguay…Encarnacion it is!

Carnaval in Encarnacion 15

It was a relief to escape the edginess of Cuidad del Este and get on a long hot dusty bus trip…

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