On the balance between rich and poor

See my world trough the words on your screen, and the lens of my camera!

There are countless words I can use to describe the amazing country that is Brazil. Amazing, diverse, generous and infinite others.
At the generosity of my friend Leo, I stayed with his family.
Amazing people! I can’t describe the feeling those amazing people gave me during my stay. But one thing I can say is that they have a heart of gold!

The first thing I ate when arriving in Rio de Janeiro was Mcdonalds.
It’s weird that my mind went straight to a hamburger from McDonalds, especially when they aren’t particularly healthy. I guess months on Bonaire will do that to you!

The first thing I noticed when leaving the airport was cars, allot of them. And people weren’t particularly abiding safe traffic rules.
Brazil is so far the only country I visited where I felt more unsafe in a car, then on the pavement.

Of course, you should…

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