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How do you name a car?

Originally posted on Manchester Motoring:
An interesting aspect when discovering new bicycle, cars and motorcycle makers are the names that they choose for their vehicles. This blog post is dedicated to some of the vehicle names from the North-West. Many…

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Defending Democracy in Brazil

Originally posted on Americas South and North:
As I’ve noted before, the Brazilian media has portrayed the anti-Dilma/anti-PT/pro-impeachment protests as a case of the Brazilian people taking to the streets, with the implication that “Brazil” (and thus, the citizens of…

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Brazilians head back to streets in impeachment row

Originally posted on Welcome to Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba's Blog:
Supporters of embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff were to hit the streets in rallies across the country Thursday aimed at pressuring Congress ahead of an impeachment vote. Pro-government organizations…

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From paper to screen

Originally posted on Russian Roulette hits Cannes: This masterpiece was, unbelievably, a graduation project by graphic designer Thibault de Fournas. The animation shows the evolution of typography from paper to screen in serious style. The first half of the…

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hope and peace

Originally posted on how to love books: this guy is so cool. it seems to be becoming more and more important to find awesome ways to create messages of hope and peace in our world. imagine if all…

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Porto Street Art

Originally posted on Food is Travel:
Graffiti.  Street Art.  At its best, it’s a creative artistic expression, usually achieved with nothing more than a spray can and an idea.  Using the city’s stucco walls and abandoned buildings as a canvas,…

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Huge indoor trampoline park “Go Air” becomes latest activity for local children and adults alike

Originally posted on Newton Heath & Failsworth News:
It can be argued that there is a lack of things to do for children in the local area, playparks are set to get renovated in the coming months but other than…

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Israel backs down in Brazil diplomat stand-off

Originally posted on The Muslim Times:
Source: BBC Israel has reassigned its nominee for ambassador to Brazil, whose appointment Brasilia refused to accept, apparently because he is a former settler leader. Dani Dayan will now become Israel’s consul general in…

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England Meets Recife

Pan & Pen Brazil is incredibly green. That may sound weird and it feels weird to say but the vibrant green terrain, and sheer amount of greenery and various interesting looking trees and shrubs is amazing. Even in the city, … Continue reading

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Brazil Making Feminism Matter

Originally posted on Living It Brazilian:
While it is being discussed in Estonia whether there is a lack of eligible bachelors as an explication to why more and more smart, successful and beautiful women stay single or go looking elsewhere,…

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