An Inexplicable Realm

Shavonn D'Souza

We pull ourselves out of bed every once in a while, trying to fathom the thin line between the figments of reality and our imagination. We press ourselves to rewind those disjointed plots, which are hazily enshrouded deep within our minds, but fail to retrieve any sizeable facet. Waking up in the morning, we try hard to piece together what we see, but never seem to thoroughly identify with it. Assuming it to be something nugatory, we fail to grasp on to this evanescent dream, letting it slip right through our mind.

Being a topic that has been dealt with over many millennia, dreams come across as a simplistic phenomena that everyone pretends to understand, yet no one seems to comprehend. This enigmatic nature that varnishes a dream makes its study (known as onierology) all the more intriguing and encaptivating. Although they come as a simple occurrence, the underlying meaning…

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