5 Amazing Places You Just CAN’T Visit


From the famous Room 39 in North Korea to the Area 51 in the United States, there are plenty of places on earth with high protection and limited access. Many of these spots are usually linked with military services and political circumstances. Namely, you actually don’t want to be there. Yet, here is a list of places on earth you wish you could visit but can’t.

1. Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

vatican, vatican city, vatican archives

Hidden behind the walls of Vatican City, there exists an immense collection of history. The Secret Archives of Vatican is home to an abundant number of historical documents and correspondences. With letters written by Michelangelo, King Henry VIII’s marriage annulment request and many more, the archives contain about 35,000 items.

Apart from the Pope and a small group of staff who work there, access to the archives is strictly limited. Although any document from the archives can be…

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