Interview with Graham Massey Part 2: About the Resurgence of Synths and Working with Björk

Dutch Girl in London

This is part two of the interview I did with Graham Massey prior to the energetic 808 State concert at W2 in Den Bosch (the Netherlands). At the end of part one Graham spoke about Ornette Coleman and his contemporaries who were big influences on 808 State in the 1980s. Here we continue speaking about that exciting period.

Graham-Massey-interview-808-State-W2-2Sounds like it [the 1980s] was a very exciting time.
Yeah it really was because there were lots of things happening with technology in the 80s. People getting hold of new technology, going off and see what they could do with it. For instance, some of the most interesting electronic music to me wasn’t to do with pop music, it was to do with jazz music a lot. The American band Weather Report were quite experimental, but they were a band that developed. Every album they did was different. They were excellent musicians who…

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