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How a Mathematical Superstition Stultified Algebra for Over a Thousand Years


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Kraepelin’s German dichotomy – a Brief History and Interlude

Originally posted on "How to Live Life Without Any Conditions?":
Schizophrenia — the dichotomous construct of unitary, discrete psychoses originated in 19th century German apologist psychiatry — arising in the fledgling German Emil Kraepelin; student of neuropathology and…

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This guy knows why we all have chins

Originally posted on tylershepard1991:
National Public Radio spoke with James Pampush who devoted five years and his Ph.D. dissertation to one question: Why do homo sapiens have chins, when all of our evolutionary relatives don’t? You can hear this story…

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Manchester Photowalk

Originally posted on Shivvy Writes:
My venture into photography continued on Sunday 10 January with a Photowalk of Manchester with established photographer Aidan O’Rourke. Aidan has been photographing Manchester since 1996 yet I only discovered him a couple of months…

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Interview with Graham Massey Part 2: About the Resurgence of Synths and Working with Björk

Originally posted on Dutch Girl in London:
This is part two of the interview I did with Graham Massey prior to the energetic 808 State concert at W2 in Den Bosch (the Netherlands). At the end of part one Graham spoke about Ornette…

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The rise, decline and renaissance of the Manchester Ship Canal

Originally posted on Making Manchester: Ahead of next week’s programme The seaport 40 miles from the sea, here’s a preview video featuring clips of the people we interviewed. The full story will be broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 and…

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Where in Greater Manchester should the Metrolink go next?

Originally posted on Northern Business News & Sports News Blog – NorthernBiz UK:
One MP is calling for a new ‘spur’ out to Middleton and a loop connecting Ashton-under-Lyne with Oldham. But he may have to wait his turn Via…

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Manchester Central Library: A modern classic

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Housing Crisis Boogie

Originally posted on Cycling Scientist:
Video illustrating the housing crisis in Manchester and Greater Manchester. With backing music from the ultimate bluesman John Lee Hooker.  Includes links to a petition asking Manchester City Council  to alleviate the housing crisis (previously…

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He who pulls the strings

Originally posted on Histoires à Tiroirs:

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