“OMG!! He’s…..black?!?” The ‘disappointing’ discovery that a popular white blogger’s boyfriend isn’t the ‘Prince Charming’ they expected

Black Women Of Brazil

O namorado negro da Jout Jout e o racismo nosso de cada dia (2)

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s so funny the watch how Brazilians continuously claim that in Brazil “we are all equal” or, “racism is a thing of the United States” or that there is somehow no difference between black and white and watch how so many cracks threaten to destroy this whole fictional armor. One of the main topics we have discussed on this blog is the privilege of whiteness in Brazilian society and the myriad of ways that this is so obvious. We’ve seen it in how homeless people are perceived. We’ve seen it in how people are perceived after going through traumatic incidents in life. We’ve seen it in how people react when two little children are apparently lost in a large downtown area. We’ve seen it when two men, one white, one black, locked themselves out a BMW and attempted to pry open…

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1 Response to “OMG!! He’s…..black?!?” The ‘disappointing’ discovery that a popular white blogger’s boyfriend isn’t the ‘Prince Charming’ they expected

  1. White privilege is everywhere, so is male privilege, the privilege of beauty and the privilege of wealth. Most cultures are made up like ladders and someone is always at the top and everyone else is spread out below them. I’m for sawing off the rungs and getting real about what’s going on. Money, no matter its form, bits of paper and metal, are game pieces that we have somehow decided to believe MEAN SOMETHING. Now days we don’t even need the paper or metal, a lot of things are done in virtual reality. Paper doesn’t make one person better than another. The whole thing is a joke, if you think about it. How crazy is it that poor people just don’t have the things we made up and now believe are important and real? It’s only the believe that keeps the lie going. Break the belief and things fall apart. Almost impossible to do but it’s the truth.

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