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  • Desculpa qualquer coisa – Pardon anything

Saying “Desculpa qualquer coisa” is like saying: “Forgive me if I have said anything wrong, have done anything that may have bothered you, or if I was in any way inconvenient”.

You can hear this expression in many different situations, usually when people are saying goodbye. For example, when a Brazilian guest is leaving your home after a party or after spending a few days visiting you from out of town, she can say:

 Example: “Obrigada* por tudo e desculpa qualquer coisa” = Thanks for everything and sorry if I have somehow been an inconvenience or done anything wrong.

* If a girl is saying this sentence she will say Obrigada. Although if it is a guy, he will say Obrigado.

  • Não repara a bagunça – Don’t observe the mess or Desculpa a bagunça – Forgive me for the mess


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