Ghibli FIlms You Must Watch // Part 1

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Hi! I know I mostly post book reviews but my lord and savior Hayao Miyazaki just announced that he’ll be opening up a theme park based on his Studio Ghibli films! (news link here!) I am fangirling way too hard because I absolutely adore this studio’s work; their movies are freaking beautiful I tell you.

For this post I’ll be using gifs from a tumblr blog I love called ghibli-mania, y’all should give ’em a follow!  ~ヾ(^∇^)

Let’s start with my number one favorite!

Spirited Away

Links to watch: (sub // dub)

large_ydIpyTzCc5iYAqjlbcCmgSckebEI think I’ve seen this film more than 30 times. No joke.  It’s probably the most well known, aside from Ponyo, but it still holds the biggest place in my heart.  I always see it in English, one day I’ll watch it in Japanese.  I just really love Haku’s voice in English (o˘◡˘o)

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